We are building the internet of need.

Who we are

Holcim MAQER is the global innovation platform driving change through open innovation in the building materials sector. It is connecting technology companies to actual use cases in the entire Holcim footprint, from quarry to the customer. Collaborating with startups, thought leaders and corporations, Holcim MAQER finds the most impactful technologies to help build a smarter, greener and more inclusive world.

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Combating chaos caused by construction

Pollution! Traffic congestion! Noise! Help combat the chaos surrounding construction sites to support local communities. Use our own and additional public data as well as your ingenuity to unlock insights to build smarter and greener.


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The power to scale

We have #WhatItTakes to build the #InternetOfNeed for building materials.

We operate a global network in over 80 countries with 80,000 employees.

In total, we operate over 2,300 production sites for building materials, producing over 600 million tonnes of product per year.

Most important, we are deeply rooted in our local communities with teams on the ground and trusted brands.

The opportunities to exploit digital technologies are thus proportionately vast.

Digitalization is not a new topic for Holcim. We have a good system architecture and many country-level digital initiatives to learn from and replicate. Today we’re seeking partners to help us speed up this evolution.

It's time to make a change

At Holcim Maqer we provide access to the global building materials sector to help drive innovation at a massive scale.

We’re open-minded, pragmatic and not stuck on any preconceived notions. Save one: digital technologies and a more data-centric approach will disrupt our business for the better.

If you’re a startup or digital entrepreneur … a technology leader or incumbent from another industry … and IF this mission resonates with you…

… #MaqeItWithHolcim and join the #InternetOfNeed!

Partner with Holcim

The Holcim Startup MAQER is about establishing enduring partnerships between startups and Holcim based upon real business, knowledge and growth

  • we purchase your solution right away and pilot it in a real operational setup
  • we offer specific sessions about Holcim and the construction vertical
  • we facilitate to grow your business within Holcim beyond our first pilot purchase through our network and resources

With this partnership you gain a reference client in the trillion dollar construction industry.


What are we building today?


Bag business in emerging markets

Retail (or so-called 'bag') markets account for approximately 50% of our sales and they make an over-proportionate contribution to our profitability. We can take better care of this market through digitalization – offering more convenience to buyers and more support to retailers to manage their own businesses. Today we’ve got solutions in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and the Asia Pacific region. In the Ivory Coast, for example, we sell half of our bag volumes through the eBelier app. A similar tool has been rolled out in India under the name Navendor. How can we take this further?


Industry 4.0 for cement plants

We operate more than 200 cement plants (excluding China) with an annual global capacity of about 350 million tonnes. All plants are equipped with a technical information system monitoring efficiency, productivity and quality indicators at multiple points in the production process. 

If we reach our Q1-19 target of connecting just twenty of our key plants to a global plant management system, we will have networked more than 2% of the global cement volumes (outside of China). 

Leveraging the insights from the plants systems will allow us to create more and better product while using less resources. That’s better for our customers and better for the planet.


Those spinning trucks

We make concrete at more than 1,500 ready-mix plants and run a fleet of ready-mix concrete trucks to deliver it -- about 50 million cubic meters of it per year. This businessis all about supply chain management and just-in-time delivery. Our digital solutions give the customer more transparency on their product, increase the service level and generate productivity gains on the batch plants. Systems are successfully launched in North America, Europe and Australia to allow our customers to order concrete from their work sites, monitor the deliveries and sign-off receipt. At the same time, plant dispatchers can better schedule deliveries and truck drivers are also informed about the best routes and upcoming orders. Obviously this is good for customers. It also helps us operate more efficiently and reduces waste.