Sales Force Dynamic Route Planning | MakeMyDay

Brazil, Ecuador

Route planning for sales representatives is often time consuming and transparency is missing. To support sales representatives in increasing profits and creating time savings, Holcim Startup MAQER together with Holcim Brazil kicked off a pilot project with the smart route planning algorithm startup MakeMyDay.

The results so far are impressive: sales representatives using the MakeMyDay solution could significantly outperform those who did not, ultimately increasing the number of visits by 46% in total. Furthermore, the participants in the pilot exceeded the planned number of visits by more than 30%. This led to an immediate follow-up project and the planning of the tool’s rollout in other regions.


46% increase in average number of visits

30% increase in accuracy of visits

Immediate follow-up project and rollout planned in further regions


Cnaan A. geb. כנען אביב

Vicente Pascual

Isabele Ferreira


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