Real-time level monitoring with Nanolike and Holcim Greece


Today, it is still a problem to match concrete replenishment deliveries with customer demand. The process is done manually without any quantitative insight into the fill level of the silos. When a silo is estimated to approach a low fill level, new orders are placed over the phone based on existing customer orders. This can result in missed sales opportunities due to mismatches between production equipment and delivery terminals.

Holcim Greece saw great potential in automating these processes through the use of real-time data and sensors attached to the silos in a non-invasive way. With the help of the Holcim MAQER, the team in Greece launched a pilot project with French start-up Nanolike. Nanolike was founded in 2012 and focuses on supply chain optimization offering turnkey IoT solutions for real-time fill level monitoring of industrial silos. Together with Holcim Greece, the first successful KPIs were evaluated in October 2021 and currently, we evaluate the use of the technology in further plants.

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