Integrated Hauling Platform | HAULHUB

United States

The Boston Asphalt market requires delivery from a network of plants to dozens of different construction sites. This network, served by a fleet of 100+ trucks, has traditionally been managed by phone and paper tickets. Field personnel did not have visibility of trucks and had to rely on phone calls for tracking. After completion of the job, drivers turned in paper logs requiring hours of manual processing.

The solution connects the delivery needs and trucking capacity through a web based platform.

Daily trucking requirements are scheduled through the platform, where qualified trucking companies can accept specific jobs. Dispatchers and field team monitor and communicate with trucks assigned to their job in real time through the field app. Digital connectivity allows trucking payments to be calculated based on the system and the management team receives advanced analytics on job performance.


8% decrease in payable driver time per shift

50% reduced internal payroll and dispatching headcount

maintained haul rates due to increased trucking availability.

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