Increase your Working Capital | Lidya


Many of our customers in emerging markets are small enterprises. Due to the size and maturity, many experience a reduced growth due to working capital restrictions. In many cases, traditional banks are not able or willing to provide working capital credit.

Fintechs have emerged in these countries, specializing in assessing credit risks in alternative ways. Holcim is partnering with these fintechs, such as Lidya in Nigeria, to provide additional working capital to our customers, which of course has a positive impact on our sales revenues as well !!

Pilots have been initiated with promising results. Further fine tuning is required to ensure a smooth customer enrollment process.


Pilot started in Nigeria

Interest from Holcim subsidiaries in Africa and Latin America


Nigerian Fintech Firm Targets $1.1 Billion in Eastern Europe Loans

Nigerian SME Digital Lender Lidya Expands to Europe

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