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Latin America, Africa and Europe

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies face the challenge to ensure the wellbeing of their employees, who work from home or have no access to digital solutions at all in the production lines. Independent from the crisis, many HR departments face the challenge that they need to handle repetitive issues, as e.g. employee questions regarding holidays or home office regulations. This offers great potential for an AI-powered HR assistant to engage with employees digitally and answer questions automatically.

That’s why Holcim Startup MAQER has kicked off a project with Leena.Ai, who offers an AI-powered virtual assistant that provides instant responses to employee queries and allows to communicate with users digitally. At the beginning of March when the Covid-19 outbreak had just started, Leena.Ai, Holcim México and Holcim Startup MAQER reacted quickly and set up a chatbot solution for employees working from home only within a few days. As a result, superior employee experience can be offered, while for the first time in the history of Holcim blue-collar employees can access HR services and communications from their home. Holcim has now rolled out Leena AI’s solution within 3 continents, from Latin America to Africa and Europe.


More than 750 total users and 10500 user queries during the pilot project

> 9900 AI-solved queries (94% of total queries)

1,600 hours saved by automatically answering questions using AI

Rollout throughout 3 continents (Latin America, Africa and Europe) within only a few weeks during the Covid-19 pandemic


Roberto Vega

Irene Mantilla

Adit Jain

Shubham Agarwal

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