Dynamic Demand Management


In many countries we experience a strong variation of daily volume due to demand from the market. This can lead to variations up to 100% within a week, with an obvious cost impact as a result.

In Kenya we have designed customer specific incentives in order to drive demand on slow days. After an intense testing period, we are now capable to move up to 23% of volume to slow days. As a matter of fact, the customer incentives have also led to an overall volume and margin increase.

The approach is 100% data driven allowing for an automated weekly update of the customer incentives. We are testing further data driven ideas ideas that will give us direct business impact.


Shifted volume for 21 out of 150 pilot customers

Moved 23% of volume to slow days (test vs control)

Increased overall volume and margin


In place in Kenya and Ivory Coast

Under test in Uganda

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