Drones – Save lives, Cost and Create Competitiveness for the Plants of Tomorrow

Switzerland, Germany, U.S., France

A recent report by Goldman Sachs predicts that the commercial sector represents the biggest growth opportunity for drone technologies. Investments of USD 13 billion are expected in the construction industry alone by 2022. While Cement Excellence Manufacturing has been following up on using drones in our industrial sites – from site inspections to surveys and stockpiling – we’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done with airborne drones and how this technology will change the way we work.

Drones bring a number of key benefits to Holcim. In the area of Safety, this solution safeguards our colleagues from having to enter confined or hard to reach spaces. Predictive maintenance is another key area where drones are making operations more efficient. With drones, inspections can occur at higher frequency and issues can be detected remotely through real-time imagery or non-destructive analysis before they arise. This saves time and money associated with costly repairs.

Finally, where mapping, surveillance and measurement of raw materials stored in the open and requiring blast design used to be costly, the use of drones has cut this spend to a fraction of earlier levels.

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Improved in-door safety inspections conducted

Reduction of the number of subcontractors needed for inspections


Several countries having purchased drones for use in confined space

Several countries are working on drone projects for other applications

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