Digital Financing for Retailers | Zinobe


In Colombia 96% of the companies are SMEs and out of them, only 28% have access to credit solutions due to high bureaucracy-processes and very strict requirements of the banking institutions. As most customers of Holcim are SMEs (as for example retailers), the need to solve this problem became increasingly relevant.

That’s why the Holcim Startup MAQER together with Holcim Colombia set up a pilot project with the startup Zinobe, offering revolving credit solutions to its clients through a simple digitized low-bureaucracy process. Zinobe’s solution enabled the retail stores to increase their working capital and expand their business further, as well as access valuable financing services during times of the COVID-19 crisis.


Over US$ 100k has been disbursed in credit

Retailers are more interested in revolving credit solutions than simple credits

COVID-19 has emphasized even more the need for credit solutions

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