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Nov 3, 2021

Controlling temperatures to build smarter and greener with Holcim MAQER’s app, ConcreteDirect

Hot summer weather can be a challenge for our concrete customers. For those who use ConcreteDirect in the US, Canada, and Mexico — our proprietary application for making, managing, and tracking concrete orders — our dispatchers offer options to beat the heat. 

In some countries, there has been a threefold increase in ConcreteDirect orders during the peak summer months. ConcreteDirect also provides an ideal way to offer ECOPact green concrete and accelerate the shift to low-carbon construction.

By offering temperature-controlled solutions, our customers are able to avoid delays and potential low-quality concrete pours that are more likely in hot weather. In other conditions, we offer products and solutions to combat the challenges of freezing and thawing, cold weather, congested placement, accelerated strength gain, and more. 

Did you know? Compared to ice cooling, cooling concrete with liquid nitrogen affords advantages through eliminating waste and streamlining production as indicated in a study by NITROcrete.

Accelerating green construction powered by data and software

“Since my team and I started to use ConcreteDirect, the concrete business is a breeze. Whenever needed, I can change both the mix and delivery on the fly and through the instant in-app messaging our dedicated dispatchers always make sure I don’t miss a thing — enabling safety and sustainability at all times,” says Gregory Lehrl, Operations Manager, Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.


gregory lehrl

Jenay Brown, Digital Lead and Sales Representative, Holcim: “Timely deliveries and instant communication are instrumental to optimize product performance, minimize waste and guarantee our customers’ success. On our journey towards a net-zero world, deploying digital technologies is a game-changer.”

jenay brown


Since its launch in 2019, ConcreteDirect has served over 100,000 construction sites in North America and Mexico. With a global roll-out on the horizon, the app will soon be available across all Holcim’s markets in Germany, France, the UK, and India.  

To further accelerate green construction and meet our 2030 target of becoming nature-positive, we are currently assessing and piloting sensor solutions from startup partners in North America, Europe, and Mexico to integrate into our app and scale across our 100,000 customer sites. With sensors, we are lowering the water intensity across our concrete and cement businesses, while increasing the product quality for safer, greener, and more durable buildings and infrastructure. The risk of waste due to hardened concrete is mitigated, too, as the sensors monitor the quality throughout the transit, from the plant to the pour.

With our commitment to building smarter and greener, we are continuously tapping into data to revolutionize how the world builds. Follow us on our social handles to stay updated on our journey and subscribe to our newsletter.

Author: Felicia Noreskar