Largest pour of EcoPact saving 350,000kg of CO2 in one day!

Sep 29, 2021

December 5th, 2020, Boston, Massachusetts

A rainy cold, but very active, morning marked the largest pour of EcoPact–the industry’s broadest range of green concrete, delivering high-performing, sustainable and circular benefits. A total pour of 4200 cubic yards, which contains 20% recycled materials and 30% less carbon emission compared to traditional concrete, equalled a CO2 saving greater than 350,000kg, (in other words, over 70 cars off the street for one year!). Building for the future, this major 19-story addition for Boston University’s Data Science Center will bring data scientists under one roof for generations to come.

Building for the future

ConcreteDirect, Holcim’s mobile application, helps customers place, manage and track concrete deliveries, digitally connecting everyone involved. This guaranteed just-in time deliveries for almost 400 truck loads, enhancing product quality and mitigating the risk of waste and rejected loads. The app also communicated real-time CO2 savings from the first to the last pour.

“At Holcim, our commitment to building a sustainable future is stronger than ever. We’re proud to couple both product and process innovation at the Boston University Data Science Center. With EcoPact, this site has the lowest carbon product available in the market today and with ConcreteDirect, the entire process for the customer has been digitized with no paper exchange,” says Magali Anderson, Holcim.

largest ecopact pouring courtesy of concretedirect

Innovation to build safely

Another cornerstone in real-time communication is the app’s Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA), which helps to detect any hazards on the ground. This rigorous health and safety coordination kept all parties safe at all times while preventing construction errors. Moreover, including 3rd party trucks in its touchless ticketing, the app also helped everyone to maintain social distancing.

“ConcreteDirect allows everyone of those stakeholders to have their own view of each individual truck, allowing them to perform their tasks independently and safely on the job site,” says Sean Ali, General Manager Digital RMX Solutions, Holcim.

Congratulations to the teams on the ground who made it possible–Holcim’s US ACM Northeast and our partner S&F Concrete and Suffolk Construction. Further strengthening our partnerships, advocating for the use of our green products and digitizing processes, Holcim is on its way to becoming the global leader in innovative and sustainable building materials and solutions.


Author: Felicia Noreskar