Holcim MAQER is reinventing construction at Slush — the world’s largest startup event

Dec 17, 2021

As Holcim’s open innovation and venture client unit, we met the world’s cutting-edge startups and leading investors to fuel innovation in the construction industry.

Catalyzing game-changing partnerships and discussing the next generation product and process innovations, we welcomed the world’s leading CleanTech and ConstructionTech Venture Capitalists such as InnoEnergy, Axa Venture Partners, Next47 and Umdasch Group Ventures, to our side event ‘Construction Reinvented’ at Slush — the world’s largest startup event and Europe’s largest Venture Capitalist gathering, held in Helsinki, Finland, in December 2021.


Our side event “Construction Reinvented” brought together the world’s leading investors in CleanTech and ConstructionTech.

Open innovation, venture clients, and startups


Anais Monlong, Investor at Axa Venture Partners:

“The construction industry is huge and at the same time, very fragmented as each construction project involves many different players. Digitalization can help them to grow faster, accelerate their projects and become more efficient. As an investor, this couldn’t be more exciting to make a global, sustainable impact.”

Bringing the open innovation community together provides benefits for all. Investors gain Holcim as their validation partner of startups to fund and identify long-term trends early on; Holcim gets constant access to the investor’s pool of cutting-edge startups, and the startups, in turn, can develop and scale their solution directly in our global market — where we are digitally connecting construction players at over 100,000 construction sites, as well as 50,000 plant workers and 10,000 retail customers across the world. With this global presence, we provide the ultimate launching pad to accelerate the decarbonization of our sector.

Philipp Leutiger, Chief Digital Officer, Holcim:

“Slush brings the disruptive thinking and cross-industry collaboration that the world needs. With our open data, global digital platforms and network, we are becoming the best partner for technology players who are tapping into the three trillion dollar construction industry and forever changing the way the world is built — greener, smarter and for all.”

Our venture client booth, located at the heart of Slush, attracted over thirty budding startups focusing on construction technology to construction and demolition waste management to carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) and beyond — areas in which our business leaders Rozemarijn Wesby (Head of Plants of Tomorrow), Stefan Gutberlet (Head of Digital Europe), Franck Bichot (Head of Digital France) and Oliver Queck (Head of Technical Sales Aggregates Germany) are currently testing solutions to leapfrog innovation.


At Slush, we saw the tremendous interest of the open innovation ecosystem to address the future of population growth and urbanization. Leveraging the community’s innovation power, which is fueled by entrepreneurial and tech talent as well as billions of venture capital funds, we are accelerating the transition towards a net-zero world.


Author: Felicia Noreskar