Gain a leading reference client

We offer you the opportunity to prove your solution in the field under real market conditions and win Holcim – the global leader in the construction materials industry – as your paying reference client, even if your solution is still a prototype.

Establish a fast and flexible partnership

We are convinced that startups will enable us to innovate the construction industry. This is why at Holcim MAQER we offer you a fast-track to start the innovation journey together. At the same time you remain flexible, as we do not demand exclusivity, or rights to invest or over your Intellectual Property.

Become a global player

Through this partnership we offer you access to the global Holcim footprint with leading positions in about 70 countries. This puts you in a position to scale globally and disrupt the construction industry.

Your partnership application made easier


You define your solution.

Tell us what problem you aim to solve with your technology at Holcim. Please also give us some basic background about your company.


Holcim evaluates and matches your solution.

Next, we assess the relevance of your solution and where it fits best at Holcim.


Together, we define a first pilot project.

Cool. Now we know that you have a unique solutions to pilot at Holcim. We will send you a request for proposal and you can respond with an offer.


We kick-off the partnership.

Congrats, you can add Holcim, the global leader in construction materials, to your client list.

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