Combating chaos caused by construction

While megacities are exciting, construction sites are not. Pollution! Traffic jams! Noise! We can do better and we are committed to work with local communities to build progress, for a calmer, safer and greener environment. 

Your challenge? Help us improve the decision-making of construction sites to minimize disruptions while optimizing jobsite work. Are you ready to dive into the data of 60,000+ construction sites to combine it with public data and generate insights for the relevant stakeholders (foremen, suppliers and truck drivers)? 

Your impact? We deliver millions of cubic meters of concrete each year and by joining this challenge, you can positively impact millions of lives globally. From families enjoying the local playground, to commuters rushing to work, to students struggling to get to class on time, your impact will be real and immediate. Come join us at HackZurich to combat the chaos as we build a better world.