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Digitization of the construction site

StruxHub - control the chaos of deliveries on jobsites

United States

StruxHub was born walking jobsites around the world and seeing the pains of general contractors trying to orchestrate the constant flux of material deliveries on tight jobsites with whiteboards and paper.

So in 2019, we launched StruxHub Deliveries—an all-in-one, real-time site logistics management system that allows general contractors to coordinate their subcontractors materials deliveries, log quality & performance issues, and manage materials stocks.

Today, we're being used daily on high-profile projects such as the Uber HQ in San Francisco and a new Facebook Office in Silicon Valley and looking to help other projects around the world.


  • Reduce logistics coordination time by 80%
  • Reduce unplanned deliveries from ~30% to 1%
  • Save $120k/yr in time savings alone
  • Avoid extra crane time (>$15k/d)

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