PACT – Performance and collaboration tool

In cement factories, the several interlinked production steps are monitored by automated systems. They provide the production team with a large set of data that is then used to derive . required actions for an efficient operation. Up to now, data from different monitoring systems has been collected and processed manually. This made collaboration and exchange very difficult and led to a bias towards experience-driven decisions rather than concise data analysis. Another hurdle: each plant used different systems, and action management tools making direct comparisons of factories impossible.

PACT supports the plant teams to take better, data-based and more forward-thinking decisions, consistently achieve targets and spend less time in meetings and data crunching. This allows the teams to focus more on optimizing the processes and adapting in a flexible way to requirements from the markets.

PACT is the Holcim platform that combines all aspects of business with production, maintenance, quality, environment  as well as H&S data from plants worldwide. This data is used for data-based decision making, benchmarking, consistent action tracking and as basis for machine learning applications that scale globally, such as CemQ.

Purpose bound remittances | BeamAndGo | MyCashOnline

Worldwide USD500B is sent back home by overseas workers. Up to 15% of these remittances are used for home construction. Some of the top 10 remittance-receiving countries include India, Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria and Bangladesh. Counties in which Holcim has a strong presence.

One of the big worries of the overseas workers is that money sent back home is used for alternative purposes.

When partnering with tech companies such as BeamAndGo and MyCashOnline, we connect overseas workers with the Holcim retailer network in their home countries ensuring a simple, safe and reliable delivery of cement and other construction materials.

Statistical demand forecasting

For Holcim Switzerland forecasting is a central need in order to set up logistics & production processes in the right manner. A good planning has a direct impact on optimization and cost reduction.

The planning process as we know it from decades, rely on the information sales employees provide manually. Every over or under forecasting has a negative impact on our business. In order to increase forecast accuracy and reduce uncertainty, Statistical Demand Forecasting has been implemented.

The Statistical Demand Forecasting (SDF) is an integrated machine learning solution to support optimization and the planning process. The SDF is a forecasting process of making predictions of the future demand based on past and present data. As a main difference to the manual process, the SDF can provide weekly/monthly automated planning and includes parameter like net working days and weather forecast.

The pilot project has successfully proven that SDF provides a higher accuracy with lower manual effort. Today 5 cement plants make use of the SDF as a main data source for short term planning (weekly planning).

Sales Force Dynamic Route Planning | MakeMyDay

Route planning for sales representatives is often time consuming and transparency is missing. To support sales representatives in increasing profits and creating time savings, Holcim Startup MAQER together with Holcim Brazil kicked off a pilot project with the smart route planning algorithm startup MakeMyDay.

The results so far are impressive: sales representatives using the MakeMyDay solution could significantly outperform those who did not, ultimately increasing the number of visits by 46% in total. Furthermore, the participants in the pilot exceeded the planned number of visits by more than 30%. This led to an immediate follow-up project and the planning of the tool’s rollout in other regions.

Digital Financing for Retailers | Zinobe

In Colombia 96% of the companies are SMEs and out of them, only 28% have access to credit solutions due to high bureaucracy-processes and very strict requirements of the banking institutions. As most customers of Holcim are SMEs (as for example retailers), the need to solve this problem became increasingly relevant.

That’s why the Holcim Startup MAQER together with Holcim Colombia set up a pilot project with the startup Zinobe, offering revolving credit solutions to its clients through a simple digitized low-bureaucracy process. Zinobe’s solution enabled the retail stores to increase their working capital and expand their business further, as well as access valuable financing services during times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Improving Employee Experience | Leena AI

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies face the challenge to ensure the wellbeing of their employees, who work from home or have no access to digital solutions at all in the production lines. Independent from the crisis, many HR departments face the challenge that they need to handle repetitive issues, as e.g. employee questions regarding holidays or home office regulations. This offers great potential for an AI-powered HR assistant to engage with employees digitally and answer questions automatically.

That’s why Holcim Startup MAQER has kicked off a project with Leena.Ai, who offers an AI-powered virtual assistant that provides instant responses to employee queries and allows to communicate with users digitally. At the beginning of March when the Covid-19 outbreak had just started, Leena.Ai, Holcim México and Holcim Startup MAQER reacted quickly and set up a chatbot solution for employees working from home only within a few days. As a result, superior employee experience can be offered, while for the first time in the history of Holcim blue-collar employees can access HR services and communications from their home. Holcim has now rolled out Leena AI’s solution within 3 continents, from Latin America to Africa and Europe.


With ConcreteDirect customers can place, amend and confirm orders in just a few clicks, reducing complexity and workload at the jobsite as well as at the office. Through the app, customers can view upcoming orders, track the progress of your ongoing deliveries, and receive important notifications in real time. In this way, our customers can always know where their order is and when it arrives.

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