Purpose bound remittances | BeamAndGo | MyCashOnline

Worldwide USD500B is sent back home by overseas workers. Up to 15% of these remittances are used for home construction. Some of the top 10 remittance-receiving countries include India, Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria and Bangladesh. Counties in which Holcim has a strong presence.

One of the big worries of the overseas workers is that money sent back home is used for alternative purposes.

When partnering with tech companies such as BeamAndGo and MyCashOnline, we connect overseas workers with the Holcim retailer network in their home countries ensuring a simple, safe and reliable delivery of cement and other construction materials.

Sales Force Dynamic Route Planning | MakeMyDay

Route planning for sales representatives is often time consuming and transparency is missing. To support sales representatives in increasing profits and creating time savings, Holcim Startup MAQER together with Holcim Brazil kicked off a pilot project with the smart route planning algorithm startup MakeMyDay.

The results so far are impressive: sales representatives using the MakeMyDay solution could significantly outperform those who did not, ultimately increasing the number of visits by 46% in total. Furthermore, the participants in the pilot exceeded the planned number of visits by more than 30%. This led to an immediate follow-up project and the planning of the tool’s rollout in other regions.

Digital Financing for Retailers | Zinobe

In Colombia 96% of the companies are SMEs and out of them, only 28% have access to credit solutions due to high bureaucracy-processes and very strict requirements of the banking institutions. As most customers of Holcim are SMEs (as for example retailers), the need to solve this problem became increasingly relevant.

That’s why the Holcim Startup MAQER together with Holcim Colombia set up a pilot project with the startup Zinobe, offering revolving credit solutions to its clients through a simple digitized low-bureaucracy process. Zinobe’s solution enabled the retail stores to increase their working capital and expand their business further, as well as access valuable financing services during times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Ordering made simple for retailers

In a country such as Kenya, more than 1’000 customers are placing orders on average several times per week. Traditionally, these orders are placed through phone calls, text messages or in-person with sales personnel. Any follow-up regarding their orders requires phone contact with the customer services department.

Smartphone penetration in emerging markets is increasing dramatically. The solution is a smartphone application allowing customers to communicate with Holcim.

Customers can now see product prices, place orders directly in the app and a seamless integration with our dispatching systems allows for a real time follow-up of orders, payments, invoices, rebates and trading balance.

Mobile commerce & financing | Xente

In Uganda, B2C end-consumers buy cement products to start private construction projects (e.g. building family houses). However, often the necessary funds for financing such projects are not easily accessible. That’s why Holcim Startup MAQER together with Hima Cement kicked off a startup project with Xente, who offer an e-commerce platform with a pay-later option during the checkout.

This allows for a dual-purpose pilot project: Firstly, Holcim Startup MAQER is able to test the demand for Holcim products in an online environment. Secondly, a new consumer segment is addressed by enabling people to buy products on credit through an easy low-bureaucracy application process.

Increase your Working Capital | Lidya

Many of our customers in emerging markets are small enterprises. Due to the size and maturity, many experience a reduced growth due to working capital restrictions. In many cases, traditional banks are not able or willing to provide working capital credit.

Fintechs have emerged in these countries, specializing in assessing credit risks in alternative ways. Holcim is partnering with these fintechs, such as Lidya in Nigeria, to provide additional working capital to our customers, which of course has a positive impact on our sales revenues as well !!

Pilots have been initiated with promising results. Further fine tuning is required to ensure a smooth customer enrollment process.


With ConcreteDirect customers can place, amend and confirm orders in just a few clicks, reducing complexity and workload at the jobsite as well as at the office. Through the app, customers can view upcoming orders, track the progress of your ongoing deliveries, and receive important notifications in real time. In this way, our customers can always know where their order is and when it arrives.

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