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Holcim MAQER is the industry’s leading Venture Client unit driving change through open innovation in the building materials sector.

MAQER connects technology companies to actual use cases across the entire Holcim value chain, from quarry to the customer.

Collaborating with startups, thought leaders and corporations, Holcim MAQER finds the most impactful technologies to help build a smarter, greener and more inclusive world.

Building smarter to build greener and for all, we are deploying ground-breaking technologies across the entire value chain -- from R&D to manufacturing and logistics and all the way to retail.

Powered by data, technology and the open innovation system we are committed to build greener cities and smarter infrastructure while improving living standards around the world.

Sharing our data insights and cutting edge technology with all -- our customers, suppliers, other corporations, individuals and everyone in between -- we are building progress for people and the planet.

Through our digital platforms we are connecting all stakeholders at over 100,000 construction sites, as well as 50,000 plant workers and 10,000 retail customers across the world.

With this reach, our global platforms serve as the ultimate launching pad for innovative partners -- startups, entrepreneurs and other corporations -- to make a global, sustainable impact for people and the planet.

To date, Holcim MAQER has engaged with more than 1,600 technology players to scale up building innovation, from digitizing the construction site and providing affordable housing, to creating the materials of tomorrow that help decarbonize the sector.

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CO2 Neutrality : Capturing and transforming CO2, use of new construction materials and/or measuring, tracking and developing options to move towards neutrality.

Resource Optimization : Avoiding, minimizing, reusing waste from quarries to building sites. Proposing alternatives to tackle resource scarcity.



Digital solutions and services to streamline overall project management, from design to construction.

Innovative Systems: Increasing use of automation, autonomous machinery and other new solutions to construction projects.



Enhancing the properties of cement-based materials beyond the core value of structural integrity.

Real Time Quality Control : Monitoring, testing, evaluating and adjusting the quality of materials across the supply chain: from raw materials to product delivery.



Monitoring performance characteristics at construction sites.

Developing and applying accurate, real time prediction of demand for product quantities and types by job site.