The Power to Scale

We have #WhatItTakes to build the
#InternetOfNeed for building materials.

We operate a global network in over 80 countries with 80,000 employees. In total, we operate over 2,300 production sites for building materials, producing over 600 million tonnes of product per year.

Most importantly, we are deeply rooted in our local communities with teams on the ground and trusted brands.

We Embrace

Opportunities to exploit digital technologies are proportionately vast.

We have a good system architecture and an abundance of success cases in 80+ countries to learn from and replicate. However, innovation does not stop here. We are continuously seeking partners to help us speed up this evolution.


The Pilot project will be done together with our team- the users of your solution. Feedback from early adopters like us will help you refine your solution and business model. A manager from the Holcim division who purchases and applies your solution will be part of the pilot project from the beginning. This manager can be from any business or functional unit, such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, R&D or IT. The Holcim MAQER team will support the project and help you navigate operations at Holcim. This is a great basis to decide how to roll out your technology from there on.


A sound business partnership requires a mutual understanding of our companies. In this module, you will become familiar with Holcim, to develop your business relationship efficiently. We invite you to the Holcim headquarters in Zurich, so you can learn about Holcim processes, strategy, and people. Special Learn-About-Holcim sessions help you to better understand how to succeed as a partner in the Holcim ecosystem. With the Holcim MAQER team at your side, you always have a central point of contact for questions that your Holcim internal client might not be able to answer.


Since we aim to foster a long-term partnership with you, we help you grow from supplying a limited number of pilot units and licenses to rolling out your solution at a global scale. During the pilot project, we provide insights and support, so you can scale your solution throughout Holcim and beyond. Together we create a compelling roadmap and refine your business model. You will also gain opportunities to network with people who will be key in growing your business within Holcim and the global construction ndustry.

  • Our vision
  • Our principles of action
  • Our goals

By drawing new connections between physical and digital systems, and by collecting and processing the appropriate data, we are creating the material of tomorrow and designing the construction of tomorrow.

Embracing the environmental and societal challenges ahead and differentiating our offer, we are staying one step ahead of the game and setting tomorrow’s standards in the building material industry.

#BuildSmarterToBuildGreener #HOLCIMINNOVATION

The Construction of Tomorrow approach relies on the principles of Open Innovation.

Because we believe in a collective effort, we are fostering collaboration with players of our ecosystem throughout several initiatives, working hand in hand with startups, academics, specifiers, research labs, etc.

This is the only way to innovate.

It's time to make a change

We’re open-minded, pragmatic and not stuck on any preconceived notions. Save one: digital technologies and a more data-centric approach will disrupt our business for the better.

If you’re a startup or digital entrepreneur … a technology leader or incumbent from another industry … and IF this mission resonates with you…

#MaqeItWithHolcim and join the #InternetOfNeed!

Solving global sustainability challenges


Environmental Footprint

CO2 Neutrality : Capturing and transforming CO2, use of new construction materials and/or measuring, tracking and developing options to move towards neutrality.

Resource Optimization : Avoiding, minimizing, reusing waste from quarries to building sites. Proposing alternatives to tackle resource scarcity


Next gen construction

Digital solutions and services to streamline overall project management, from design to construction.

Innovative Systems: Increasing use of automation, autonomous machinery and other new solutions to construction projects


Augmented Concrete

Enhancing the properties of cement-based materials beyond the core value of structural integrity.

Real Time Quality Control : Monitoring, testing, evaluating and adjusting the quality of materials across the supply chain: from raw materials to product delivery.


Predicted Performance

Monitoring performance characteristics at construction sites.

Developing and applying accurate, real time prediction of demand for product quantities and types by job site