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Holcim is 70,000 people around the world who are passionate about building progress for people and the planet through four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products.

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We are #BuildingTheInternetOfNeed.

Holcim MAQER is your leading venture client in the building materials sector. Collaborating with startups and thought leaders, we find the most impactful technologies to build smarter and greener by augmenting construction activities in a data-driven way. Our mission spans from digitizing the construction site and providing affordable housing all the way to lowering our Co2 footprint and creating the materials of tomorrow.


Startups offering sustainable solutions to help us drive towards our ambition to offer carbon neutral construction materials and reduce the use of scarce resources including thermal energy, raw materials and water.

Digitizing the Construction Site

Startups with data-driven solutions that help us digitize processes in and around the construction site, e.g. to deliver and ship products faster, plan projects better or anticipate the need for specific materials or quantities.

Digital Marketplaces

Startups offering digital solutions to help us service our customers in over 80 countries, from FinTech and payment to last-mile delivery and e-commerce solutions.


Gain Holcim as your leading partner -- we connect startups like yourself to real business cases. Holcim purchases your solution and tests it in an actual operational setup.


Let’s pilot! During this phase, you will work with actual users and get invaluable feedback to help you refine your solution. We will help you understand our business to make your case as successful as possible.


After a successful pilot phase, you are ready to scale! We will provide the network and foster long-term relationships within Holcim.

Success Cases

Dive into our case studies and learn how we are leveraging data and open innovation to build smarter and greener.


The team set up a project in India with the German startup Hypatos, leveraging the startup’s deep learning technology.


Leena AI’s solution has been rolled out successfully on 3 continents - from Latin America to Africa and Europe.


46% increase in average number of visits & 30% increase in accuracy of visits

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